Enhanced two-phase flow heat transfer in miniaturized systems: theory and applications to case studies (3 CFU)

Lecturer: Prof. Alfonso William Mauro, PhD; Luca Viscito, PhD, Department of Industrial Engineering, Università di Napoli Federico II;
CFU: 3
Hours: 12 plus final evaluation (Multiple choice test)

Day Hour
7 September, 2021 10.00-13.00
8 September, 2021 10.00-13.00
14 September, 2021 10.00-13.00
15 September, 2021 10.00-13.00

Goals and topics
This course aims to provide a thorough insight of the recent advances in boiling systems, with particular attention to miniaturized geometries used for specific applications (low charge evaporators, multiport condensers, heat spreader systems, etc.). New innovative geometries (micro-fin tubes and textured surfaces) aimed at heat transfer enhancement are presented.
The theoretical activity provides an introduction to boiling and condensation phenomena, presenting also some of the most quoted prediction methods for heat transfer and pressure drop in two-phase flows in conventional and enhanced heat transfer surfaces.

Language: English (or Italian, on request)

Info and contacts
Microsoft Teams: please join the Team through the following code: kyakxmm
Alfonso William Mauro: wmauro@unina.it
Luca Viscito: luca.viscito@unina.it

Place: In presence (room to be communicated via Teams). There is the option to follow the classes on line