1.  If you have symptoms of acute respiratory infections (fever, cough, cold), DO NOT come to university. Body temperature measurement is NOT required at the university entrance. Therefore, we trust in individual responsibility with respect to their state of health.
  2. When you are in the university common areas (classrooms, laboratories, common areas, etc.) always wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth.
  3. Follow the directions on the signs.
  4. In the classrooms, sit only in the indicated places (they will be highlighted by specific signs), avoid gatherings (especially in and out) and physical contact.
  5. Wash your hands frequently or use the special dispensers of sanitizing solutions to keep them clean; avoid touching your face and mask.

Declaration: download (pdf)

Covid declaration for foreign guests (Phd student, Visiting Professor, Researcher, Fellow): Download

Self declaration under articles 46 and 47 DPR December 28 2000 n. 445: Download