Scientific Responsible
Prof. Fabrizio Nicolosi

The UNINA Aircraft Design and Flight Technologies group (DAF, ) is operating and managing the main low-speed wind-tunnel facility belonging to the Industrial Engineering Department. The Low-speed wind-tunnel is characterized by a test section with dimension of 2m (width) x 1.4m (height), with a maximum speed of about 50m/s. The Reynolds number that can be achieved on 2D airfoil models is between 1.4 and 2.2 million. Concerning 3D aircraft model, the test Reynolds number referred to mean wing chord is usually under 1 million. With 3D semi-models, the achievable Reynolds number is about 1.5-2.0 million. The research group (which usually operates all research activities dealing with this main low-speed wind-tunnel) has matured a strong in performing wind-tunnel tests, dealing with correct test procedures and corrections. More than 15 airfoils for light aircraft and other civil applications were tested. Experimental aerodynamic campaigns have been conducted on more than 15 scaled models of light aircraft and general aviation aircraft in the same tunnel. Since 1998 F. Nicolosi is responsible of wind-tunnel tests at the Department for Tecnam aircraft testing. Tests have been conducted on Tecnam models of P92, P96, P2000RG, P2002, P2006, and recently on P2012 aircraft. Wind-tunnel tests have been also performed for G97 Spotter, Easy Fly STOL Ultralight, P1XX business jet (Piaggio), SkyCar (OmaSud), K4A light Helicopter. Read more.