Corso Dottorato - Solid-state caloric cooling as promising alternative to vapor compression (3 CFU)

18-20-25-27 Novembre 2019

Claudia Masselli, Ph.D Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno

Goals and topics:
This course provides to draw a general framework on solid-state caloric refrigeration, a promising class of cooling techniques alternative to vapor compression. Over the last three decades, this technology has progressively gained remarkable attention since, taking vapor compression as reference, caloric refrigeration holds a potential for: improvements in energy efficiency, reduction of environmental impact because of the employment of solid-state materials, presenting no Ozone Depletion Potential and direct zero Global Warming Potential. This course will provide the main tools for the comprehension of this technology, as well as a description of the experimental and numerical achievements accomplished by scientific community, with the final aim to provide a perspective about future challenges and progresses to be made.

Final evaluation:
Multiple-choice written test.

Contact info:
Claudia Masselliemail:


Lesson Duration Room Topic
18.11.19 10:30
Conference room - 10thfloor (PleTecchio) Introduction andthermodynamic cycles for solid-state cooling
20.11.19 10:30
Conference room - 10thfloor (PleTecchio) Caloric effectsand materials
25.11.19 10:30
Conference room - 10thfloor (PleTecchio) State of theart,experimentaland numericalachievements
27.11.19 10:30
Conference room - 10thfloor (PleTecchio) Future challenges andExam

Additional info:
The timetable may vary on request. The official languages will be English and Italian depending upon the participants. The positive exam will provide 3 CFU for the PhD course in Industrial Engineering.