Team Leader
Antonio Moccia - Full Professor
Team Composition

Michele Grassi - Full Professor
Domenico Accardo - Associate Professor
Giancarlo Rufino - Associate Professor
Giancarmine Fasano - Associate Professor
Alfredo Renga - Associate Professor
Maria Daniela Graziano - Tenure Track Researher (RTDb)
Roberto Opromolla - Contract Researcher (RTDa)

Flavia Causa, Ph.D (Research Fellow)
Giorgio de Alteriis, Ph.D (Research Fellow)
Claudia Conte, (Research Fellow)

Alessia Nocerino (Ph.D Student)
Giorgio Isoletta (Ph.D Student)
Giuseppe Esposito (Ph.D Student)
Claudio Vela (Ph.D Student)
Roberto Del Prete (Ph.D Student)
Verdiana Bottino (Ph.D Student)
Dario De Dominicis (Ph.D Student)
Federica Vitiello (Ph.D Student)
Nicola Cimmino (Ph.D Student)
Paolo Veneruso (Ph.D Student)
Chiara Abbundo (Ph.D Student)
Giuseppe Napolano (Ph.D Student)
Lorenzo Perugino (Ph.D Student)
Enrico Miccio (Ph.D Student)
Fausta Mattei (Ph.D Student)
Federica Cotugno (Ph.D Student)
Antonio Gigantino (Ph.D Student)
Fabiana Ravellino (Ph.D Student)
Andsera Adugna Mekonen (Ph.D Student)

TThe Aerospace Systems team carries out its research activities at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale (DII, Piazzale Tecchio 80, 80125 Napoli). Research activity focus is on guidance, navigation and control technologies, on-board avionics systems, collision avoidance technologies, Air Traffic Management and Control, Unmanned Aerial Systems, aerospace sensor systems, remote sensing, processing and analysis of satellite imagery, mission analysis and design of space systems, formation flying technologies, Space Situational Awareness and Space Surveillance and Tracking.

Applied Research activities are carried out at the Guidance, Navigation and Control Laboratory (GNCLab), located in Via Claudio 21 (Building 11, ground floor), and at the Laboratory for Innovative Flight Technology (LIFT), located in the San Giovanni area.