Coordinatore del Gruppo
Corrado lo Storto - Professore di Economia Applicata (SECS-P/06)
Settore ERC del Gruppo
SH1_3 Econometrics, statistical methods
Consumer choice, behavioural economics, marketing
Public administration, public economics
Componenti del Gruppo
Pietro Evangelista – Dirigente di ricerca ISMed-CNR
Luigi Guadalupi – Ricercatore ISMed-CNR
Anatoliy Goncharuk – Vice-Rector International Humanitarian University (Ukraine)

The research team aims at conducting and supporting high quality research in the field of economic analysis applied to solve real-world problems. A sound quantitative economic analysis can help both policy-makers and managers concerned with capturing and understanding information in order to make swift political and business decisions, and finally improve efficiency and productivity. Economic models relative to products, processes, infrastructure assets and utilities, and industries are specified and estimated for analyzing complex business and market problems and quantifying the effects of context, technology, and regulatory environment changes on firm and industry performance.

Research on applied economic analysis is using several approaches, quantitative methods and tools that provide descriptive analytics (scorecards, clustering, basic statistics), prescriptive analytics (Data Envelopment Analysis, optimization, simulation), and predictive analytics (econometric modeling, statistical and machine learning techniques) to derive actionable insights and outcomes from available data. Scholars of the team undertake collaborative research and pursue consulting opportunities with a range of people in academia, business, and government.

Research is focused on the following four major streams:

  • Economics of infrastructure assets and utilities
  • Benchmarking analysis and competitiveness
  • Environmental and resource economic analysis
  • Innovation policy and economics

The team carries out empirical studies in several industries: air transport, land logistics and transport, gas supply and distribution, urban water provision, municipal solid waste management, healthcare, energy.