Coordinatore del Gruppo
Roberta Siciliano - Professore di Statistica (SECS-S/01)
Componenti del Gruppo
Michele Staiano - Ricercatore di Statistica per la ricerca sperimentale e tecnologica (SECS-S/02)
Carmela Iorio - RTDa di Statistica (SECS-S/01)
Giuseppe Pandolfo - RTDs di Statistica (SECS-S/01)
Altri Membri
Massimo Aria - Professore di Statistica sociale (SECS-S/05)
Antonio D'Ambrosio - Ricercatore di Statistica (SECS-S/01)
Alfonso Piscitelli - Ricercatore di Statistica sociale (SECS-S/05)

STAD ( research group aims at spreading the successful adoption of statistical approach and data analysis in various fields of research so to foster the value chain that leads from raw data to knowledge, according to a well-known scientific paradigm based on the statistical learning. STAD embodies professors and researchers enrolled by different departments at UniNA (DII, DSES, DSP). Moreover is a hub connecting statisticians who work in the academia as well as in public and private sectors in Italy and abroad allowing the integration of different methodological research activities as well applications. Vision STAD is "Make it better with Statistics, Technology, Analysis of Data!".

The research areas and domain expertise of STAD are:

  • Generalized Linear Models;
  • Categorical Data Analysis;
  • Preference rankings;
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Classification;
  • Recursive partitioning;
  • Linear and non linear regression;
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation;
  • Multivariate Data Analysis.

STAD senior members have been responsible of many scientific projects funded by UE and national institutions. Recently they has been involved into a huge H2020 project about informing NEXUS security (i.e. sustain policy makers for the governance of water-energy-food and land use nexus by sound statistics) called MAGIC: