The Joint Lab IDEAS has the aims of product and process innovation through the development of innovative design methods and simulation tools. The Joint Laboratory "Interactive DEsign And Simulation" (IDEAS) has been established by Fraunhofer IWU - Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technologyin Chemnitz (D) and DII – Dept. of Industrial Engineering in Naples (I). Fraumhofer IWU ad DII are two nationally and internationally recognised leading research and development institutions working at excellence level, among other subjects, in the fields of Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Numeric Simulation, Design Technology, Quality and Reliability for Innovation and Production Technology.

The JL_IDEAS has competences in the following fields of research and development:

  • COGITO - Virtual Prototyping and simulation, CAD/CAM/CAE,PDM, rigid and flexible part assembly simulation, tolerance design, statistical variation analysis finite element analysis, geometrical modeling, mechanical assembly simulation, digital pattern for product development, Product life cycle modeling, Decision Support System, Knowledge Based System and Modeling Support Techniques.
  • IdeainVR - Interactive design and Ergonomics applications: Virtual design methods, design review, participative design, human centered design method, robust ergonomic virtual design, postural evaluation, comfort evaluation, automotive, railway and aircraf timprovement, human manikin, Digital Manufacturing, rapid virtual exploration of engineering solution spaces, safety analysis of product and manufacturing system, workplace and workcell design methods, virtuality for innovation.
  • CREAMI - Biomechanics and Reverse Engineering; CT scan (Computed Tomography); NMR, laser scanner image analysis, foot reconstruction and simulation, teeth modeling, implants advancements, dentistry application, shape reconstruction in automotive and naval application,lowspeed impact test, HIC evaluation, computer aided archeology.
  • SQUARE - Statistics, Quality and Reliability for Innovation; Quality Engineering, Design of Experiment (DoE), Robust Design (Taguchi approach), Statistical Process Control (SPC), variation transmission, reliability assessment, Bayesian reliability analysis, risk analysis, service quality evaluation, innovation growth models.

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